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you may have.  Some Dates get booked faster than other, so
please book your events at your earliest convenience.  We
enjoy doing what we do, and we look forward to hearing from
you, and hopefully working with you.
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DJ Paul
We have been Entertaining Since 1993.  We began doing Karaoke only at local bars, and then eventually
added Regular DJ Music as well.  Since then, we have expanded our Services and Music Libraries.  We have
done Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate Functions, Clam Bakes, Holiday Parties and more.  Now
Digital, our Karaoke Library has over 218,000 songs to choose from and  we have over 13,000 complete CD
Albums of Regular DJ Music, offering an estimated 280,000 + Song Library List, and we are always buying
new music to increase both types of music libraries.
 Our music ranges from Alicia Keys and Alabama to Frank Zappa and the Zac Brown Band, from the 1920's
thru all Decades to Today's Top Music and everything in between.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we
have such a wide variety of music and the ability to offer "Mixed Shows" (Karaoke and Regular Music), as
well as other Services.
 We also offer the added Services of Photography and have even performed One and Two Man "Live"
Shows for parties and events as well.
 We feel that what we do is more than just playing music or DJ'ing.  To us, it is about Entertaining, and that's
what we try to do with years of Experience, Professional Committment, a sense of humor and top of the line
equipment and music.  We Entertain.
 We can make your Event, Special and Memorable and/or help increase your Business.  We are always
interested in meeting and talking with people who are interested in the Services we have to offer.
Offered Services :    Karaoke, Regular Music, "Mixed Shows",
                              "Live" Shows and Photography
For your Special Event : We make things easier, as we take the
time to meet with you in person, several times to plan details with
you and answer questions you may have, as we explain all the
options you can choose from.  YOU tell us how you want things
For your Business : We will help your business grow, by
     Promoting and Advertising, not only Verbally during Shows, but
        thru E-Mails on our Distribution List, on our WebSite and with
              Flyers that we will make, promoting Contests, Trivia,
                    Holidays,Parties, Etc.
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